We are a group of Christians who come together once a month to seek and find God at Dundas and Sherbourne.

We gather in downtown Toronto in the midst of All the Saints at Sherbourne. The saints who walk these streets often have nowhere to lay their heads. They sometimes sleep inside and outside the church:  strangers, refugees, the  homeless, abused woman.

cosmic with stars

Through the mysterious process of cosmic and human evolution, the saints who walk the streets at Dundas and Sherbourne carry within their bodies, each and every one, stardust that fell from the great starburst that burst out in the heavens as the contours of our cosmos were being etched onto the canvas of creation.

Through the witness and preaching of Jesus Christ, we know that each and every one of the Saints at Sherbourne bears the image and likeness of God and has a special place within the heart of God.

Science is the handmaid of our spirituality. Our group seeks to know the God whose creative energy also generated the flaring forth of the beauty of the cosmos, now revealed to us by modern science.

Solidarity with the marginalized is our shield against divorcing our spiritual search from the very real cry of the earth and its poorest inhabitants.



You are invited to journey with us and join the conversation